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Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing

Computer data loss sterns from vulnerabilities that are exploited by intruder. The intruder could be an employee of your organization or an outside hacker. The identification and elimination of such vulnerability is key to protecting your corporate critical asset.


Anami has design a vulnerability management and Penetration Testing program to assist in protecting your data.


Anami vulnerability management program enables administrators to proactively harden their systems by quickly identifying vulnerabilities of all sources, including configuration flaws, missing patches, unprotected user accounts and dangerous services. Vulnerability management solution from Anami covers asset classification, pre-assessment vulnerability check and remediation.


Our remediation part covers configuration changes and patch updating. Anami Penetration Testing services can help determine the holes or vulnerabilities on your network while demonstrating how attackers can negatively impact your business.


Anami Penetration Testing services are a safe and controlled exercise performed by security experts. The result is a detailed security roadmap that lists the findings in order of criticality and provides specific guidance and recommendations for reducing exposure.


Anami penetration test program involve deep and safe simulated attack into your corporate environment from within your company (internal scan) and outside test (external scan) for holistic view of your vulnerability posture.

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