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Application Security

An ever-increasing number of attacks target your application. A poorly written application is most susceptible to web attack. These attacks pass straight through your environment's front door using HTTP/HTTPS. The conventional fortresses of firewall and host defenses are not sufficient because the attack targets your poorly written vulnerable application.


Anami has the experience to help position our technology within your SDLC to test and validate your Web application vulnerabilities by running a target scan.  Our scan identify programming errors like Input validation errors, Authentication errors, Parameter Manipulation Form fields, exception management errors.


We will also run a source code analysis that will examines every line of code and every program path to identify hundreds of different types of potentially exploitable vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle as well as monitors deployed applications in real-time to detect attacks at the instant they occur.  


With the increase in ATM transactions and its’ associated frauds, Anami will eliminate such frauds by deploying an advanced application firewall that will protect online applications and data against sophisticated application-level attacks like SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting.

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