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Database Activity Monitoring


Database protection is one of our major offerings. We believe your data repository should be protected as it contains your critical assets.


Anami provide Real-Time Database monitoring and Prevention technology that uses both policy-based controls and anomaly detection to prevent unauthorized activities by potential hackers, privileged insiders, and end-users of enterprise applications such as Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, and SAP without impacting your Business.


The technology we will engineer for your organization will be Unique to your need and will provide a rich set of preventive policy-based actions for implementing granular access controls to your sensitive data.  


These controls range from real-time alerts to blocking unauthorized local-access connections to customizable policy actions such as automated lock-outs and VPN port shut-downs. Anami will implement a DAM solution that will:

Identify application users associated with specific database queries and transactions to monitor and detect fraud (and other abuses of legitimate access) that occurs via enterprise applications.

Eliminate ATM Fraud.

Meet your auditor requirements to comprehensively monitor and report on all access to sensitive information, regardless of its origin

Generates detailed audit logs for application user activities, including identifying information about user roles/responsibilities

Supports creation of policies and real-time alerts for specific conditions (e.g., when particular user IDs access sensitive tables or privacy sets)

Supports pure HTTP-based Web applications as well as applications using other presentation-layer protocols (such as Oracle EBS and SAP R/3)

Design application monitoring technology that resolves application user-IDs by observing all interactions between applications and database servers at the network and OS level—from outside the database.

Helps prevent outsider attacks such as SQL injection by identifying anomalous behavior and continuously comparing database activity to a known baseline of normal behavior.

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