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Wireless technology is becoming the default way that employees access the network. On the other hand, it is already a convenient way for intruders and Hackers to penetrate your corporate network unknowingly to you. Wi-Fi has created a broad new touch point where your users, data and applications can be directly exposed to the outside world.


Anami has the experience in deploying technology that will give you full control over these challenges with full-time proactive analysis of your entire wireless environment - automatically remediating threats and vulnerabilities, proactively alerting on performance problems and arming your security staff with remote troubleshooting tools to actively respond to any Wi-Fi challenge.


Anami will deploy a wireless IDS/IPS around your building perimeter that provides unrivaled visibility into all aspects of your wireless airspace with the intelligence to automatically diagnose, explain and respond to any wireless intrusion.


Anami's wireless security team has been at the forefront of the wireless revolution since the emergence of 802.11 wireless standards. Wireless technology is rapidly changing. In just the past few years alone wireless standards have undergone three major transformations from the 802.11 specification to today's 802.11b/g/a wireless environment. This swiftly evolving landscape brings a unique set of challenges to companies as they must evaluate functionality against risk and investments.


Anami will help you navigate these changes and deploy the best solution for your organization.

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