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Solution Architecture

Anami has helped hundreds of clients develop comprehensive CyberSecurity and networking strategies by evaluating technology options based on your business needs.


First, we will perform a Due Diligent (DD) to evaluate your current security posture and its convergence with IT.


Second, we will design a smart and efficient solution for your organization that will align Information Technology (IT) and Cyber Security (CS) strategies to meet the same goal of data security.  


Third, we will implement the solution.


There is a convergence of cybersecurity and IT. Cyber security should not be treated as a silo within your organizations but a critical component of all aspects of IT infrastructure.


With this in mind, Anami will integrate your IT and CS conveniently with the best and latest layered security technology from the perimeter to the Webtier and the Apptier down to the End point.


For each of these tiers, Anami will engineer a solution that is unique to your organization to meet your security needs of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

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